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Welcome to The Vidarbha Co-Operative Marketing Federation Ltd. Nagpur

Who We Are

The Vidarbha Cooperative Marketing Federation Ltd. popularly known as VCMF has been recognised under Maharashtra State Government Act. At the time of registration in 1948 the name of the organization was Apex Cooperative Marketing Society Ltd. of Maharashtra State in India. Since then, it is playing a leading role in serving the farmers of the State as well as customers in region Vidarbha,Marathwada and overseas by providing hygienic and safe quality consumer products.

What We Do

  • Largest supply chain network upto the village level in Vidarbha region and Maharashtra state for distribution of Agri - Inputs like Fertilizers, Certified Seeds, Pesticides etc.
  • Largest Food Grains Procurement agency of the State.
  • A premier Warehousing agency of the State for scientific storage of Food Grains.
  • Largest chain of Agro - Processing units in the State.
  • Contract and Organic Farming services to the farmers of the State.

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