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News and Announcement

Welcome to The Vidarbha Co-Operative Marketing Federation Ltd. Nagpur

About VCMF

The Federation was registered on 15th August, 1948 as an Apex. Co-operative Marketing Society for the old C.P.and Berar Province. Consequently upon the reorganization of states in the year 1956, the said society came to be established as a regional co-operative marketing society for the districts of Vidarbha, under the name “The Vidarbha Co-operative Marketing Society Ltd.”

The services rendered by the Society to needy farmers in all the districts of Vidarbha Region has been recognized by the Govt. of Maharashtra and given Federation Status to the Society and now it is named as “The Vidarbha Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd.” in the year 2010. As a step towards expansion of business in Marathwada Region, Federation has established Regional office at Aurangabad from January,2016.

The Govt.of Maharashtra in its Cabinet Meeting held on 23.2.2011 vide Subject No.1, taken decision and appointed Federation as a Nodal Agency for maintaining of Government Buffer Stock of 1,00,000 MT fertilizers and its distribution in all the districts of Vidarbha Region with a Government Guarantee of Rs.100 crore.

Presently, Chairman of the Federation is Dr. Rajendra B. Shingne (MLA & Ex-Minister) and Vice-Chairman is Shri Subhash R. Dhote (MLA) and Managing Director is Shri S. Haribabu.


The Federation’s membership is restricted to Co-operative Purchase and Sale Societies,Co-op. Processing Societies,Co-op. Consumer Societies and the District Central Co-op. Banks. Presently 204 Societies are having Membership in the Federation.

Share Capital

The authorized share capital of the Federation is five crore and the paid up share capital as on 31/3/2022 is Rs. 54.45 Lakh Govt. Share capital was paid completely.

Reserve and Other Funds

The Federation has built up Reserve Fund out of Profits from year to year. The reserve and other funds as on 31/3/2022 are of the order of Rs. 8046.43 Lakh


The Federation has its own Office Buildings and Godowns at all the districts of Vidarbha Region for operational purpose.

Regional Office

The Federation has Regional office in Marathwada Region at Aurangabad.

Divional Office

The Federation has Divional office at Nashik and Asifabad( Telangana State).

Factory Office

The Federation has one production unit at Amravati.

Director List

Strategic Plans of Federation

1) Proposal for setting up 300 TPD capacity NPK mixtures fertilisers/PROM/PDM plant at Post Marajghat, Tal-Umred, distt. Nagpur.

2) Expansion of Marajghat Unit for production of SSP, Agro-chemicals & water soluble fertilisers (WSF) in near future.

3) Plan for Integrated Processing Units under RKVY (Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna) for Paddy in Bhandara district for pulses in Western Vidarbha of Maharashtra State.

Annual Reports


M/S S.V.K. & Company, Chartered Accountant, Nagpur had carried out the audit for the year 2021-22 and awarded Grade ‘A’.

Future Plans - Exports of Pulses and Spices

1) SOYBEAN - Good quality of Soybean is available abundantly in Maharashtra.

2) TURMERIC - Turmeric is available in Vidarbha & Marathwada regions abundantly.High value Curcumin is available in the Turmeric of the region.The VCMF Ltd. is planning to export turmeric in Near future.

3) CORN - Good quality of Corn (maize) is available abundantly in Maharashtra.

3) GREEN LENTIL - Good quality of green lentil is available abundantly in Maharashtra.