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KrushiDeo Thunder–(Chlorantraniliprole 18.5% w/w S.C.)
KrushiDeo Thunder–(Chlorantraniliprole 18.5% w/w S.C.)

Description: Chlorantraniliprole is a synthetic insecticide that belongs to the Anthranilic diamide class. It is based on an extract of the plant Ryania speciosa.

Mode of Action:In insects, chlorantraniliprole disrupts normal muscle contraction. It binds to the ryanodine receptor, a specific muscle receptor. When chlorantraniliprole binds to this receptor, muscular calcium channels open and calcium leaks out. The muscles then stop working normally, causing the insects to become paralysed and eventually die. It is toxic to insects when ingested and to insect eggs, larvae, and pupae when they come into contact with it.

Benefits of Krushideo-Thunder:

  • On ingestion, it exhibits quick action with immediate death of insects.
  • It is a broad-spectrum insecticide. It controls caterpillars and larvae of moths and butterflies, as well as some beetles and “true” bugs such as aphids and spittlebugs.
  • It gives protection for a longer duration.
  • It can be used on a variety of crops such as sugarcane, tomatoes, cotton, pigeon peas, rice, etc.
  • It can control pests at a low rate of application.

Target Crops: Rice, Cabbage, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tomato, Chilli, Soybean, Brinjal, Pigeon pea (Red gram), Bengal gram, Black gram, Bitter gourd, Okra, Maize, and Groundnut.

Application: It can be applied by foliar spray or soil drenching.

Dose: Pigeon Pea, Rice, Cotton – Apply 60 ml in 200-250 litre of water per acre. Sugarcane – Apply 150 ml in 200-250 litres of water per acre.